Visit me at the Tampa Indie Flea the third Sunday of each month!


June 16th, July 21st , August 18th, September 15th

11am - 3pm at the Armature Works, 1910 N. Ola Ave, Tampa


I offer considered repair services for well-worn garments and supplies for making and mending cherished clothing.


Visible Mending

I provide visible mending and repair services for your cherished clothing, hand made garments, and treasured cloth items. Visible mending doesn’t attempt to hide a garment’s flaws; instead, it celebrates imperfection. Visible mending honors the garment’s history and shows both the trials and it has faced as well as how much it is loved. Using Japanese as well as improvised techniques, I can patch, darn, reinforce, and embellish to fix holes, reinforce weak areas, replace missing fabric, and hide stains. For patches, depending on the project, I use salvaged denim or fabrics made of natural fibers which I dye myself with plants.


Supplies for Makers

I sell indie sewing patterns and fabric kits to provide everything a sewist needs to make their own clothes. I source new fabrics that meet my standards of environmental sustainability and ethical labor practices as well as high-quality deadstock or found fabrics. All denim I sell is made in Japan or the United States and the sustainability practices of the factories are considered. For other fabrics, I choose natural plant fiber substrates including linen and organic cotton. I do not sell any items or supplies made of animal fiber or skins. I sell sewing patterns designed and produced by makers from around the world in inclusive size ranges. I also carry literature about making.


Mending Kits

It can be a joy to care for your clothing and appreciate it how it changes alongside you. For those who want to repair their own clothes, I offer mending kits for sale. Starter kits include varied shades of salvaged denim patches, naturally dyed plant fiber patches, linen thread and yarn, needles, and a darning egg or mushroom. I also sell kits containing just fabric patches. I also offer needles, linen thread and yarn, hand embroidered patches, hand woven patches, sashiko supplies, and darning eggs and mushrooms for sale separately.